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TDI SL Metal detector
TDI SL Metal detector

TDI SL metal detector is a special device from White’s,  it is a unique device for detecting gold and various precious and non-precious metals.

CountryUnited States
Search SystemPulse Induction
Maximum Depth2 m
Warranty2 Years



Full Description

TDI SL metal detector is a special device from White’s, a traditional US company specializing in hand held metal detectors,

it is a unique device for detecting gold and various precious and non-precious metals.

TDI SL works using Pulse Induction technology, which offers the best performance of underground metal detection

and gives greater depth compared to other technologies.

The device is designed for the comfort of the prospector through the light weight and flexible design

to provide the prospector with a comfortable experience throughout the day

in the fields of search and beaches and in the parks.

TDI SL is a multi-purpose metal detector for many uses including the detection of natural gold ore

as well as small metal objects such as rings as well as the discovery of buried gold treasures of ancient civilizations.

TDI SL Features

Search Technology

As previously mentioned, the device relies on preferred Pulse Induction technology

for achieving greater depth and better sensitivity than the common VLF technology.

TDI SL and one electric coil used in the search coil as a transmitter and receiver at the same time

as this coil sends powerful, short electrical pulses and each pulse generates a very small magnetic field.

When this pulse is fades away, the polar magnetic field reverses and suddenly collapses,

this electric current lasts for several microseconds (one millionth of a second) and causes an electrical current to flow through the coil.

This current is called the reflected pulse and lasts about 30 microseconds.

Then another pulse is sent and the process is repeated a number of times up to about 2600 beats per second in this device.

When this flow of pulses collides by a buried metal object such as a coin,

a magnetic field is generated in the metal body, the reflected pulses and the current passing through the coil are determined

by a metallic target and the user is alerted by sound tones.

Ground Balance

One of the main features of the TDI SL is its ability to achieve the ground balance of the mineralization value of the ground

while maintaining the depth provided by the use of pulse induction technology.

This is achieved using a differential technique where two of the dissolution samples are compared.

The ground balance is adjusted by adjusting the values ​​so that the two samples have the same response,

thus eliminating the ground signal.

The metal targets that are lower than the value of the ground balance GB is positive response.

The targets above this point give a negative response. Both areas depend on the value of the electrical conductivity of the metal target.

This gives the device the possibility of distinguishing between the minerals. Note that in rare cases,

the target may be very close to the point of the ground balance and therefore does not produce any response or double audio response.

As the completion of the ground balance is done by the way of difference is achieved

a slight loss in depth when the option of the ground budget and in some types of land

such as sand beaches are moderate so there is no need for the ground balance

in such cases can cancel the option of the ground balance and this improves access to a little deeper depth

but with the loss of the ability to distinguish between metals with low electric conductivity or high electrical conductivity.

Controls for Various Settings

TDI SL includes a set of keys and buttons to control different settings:


It is used to control the volume of the audio tone

– Power / Gain

It is used to control the power level of the receiving signals. This knob key increases or decreases from 0 to 10 of the signal amplification value, and is used to turn the device on or off (when the value is 0)

– Pulse Delay

This knob key allows control of the pulse delay time, which is the time period between two pulses, and the key values vary between 10 and 25 microseconds

– Target Conductivity

This multi-value key provides three options:

– High – Only

– Low Only

– All Target

Note that the function of this key is canceled in the case of making the value of the GB of the ground Off, and better to make the ground balance the value must be set to All Target

– Ground Balance

It is a circular key with 11 values (OFF to 11), which is used to manually control the value of the ground balance as explained previously

– Frequency

This key allows for a slight adjustment of the pulse rate of the coil and is used to reduce the effect of any electronic interference that may be caused by external electromagnetic sources, such as radio stations, microwave, shortwave or electrical fences such as in prisons, power lines, lighting, electric storms or other metal detectors used nearby.

Search Coils

With any conventional metal detection device, the search coil size selected with a trade between depth and sensitivity balance.

In short, the larger-sized coil gives greater depth to the larger targets but with a smaller sensitivity to the smaller metal targets.

In contrast, the smaller coil gives better sensitivity to the smaller objects but with less depth.

Gold nuggets can be detected by a metal detector from very small granules to a few hundred fines,

so a search coil that can provide depth and sensitivity would be ideal.

TDI SL uses a patented dual-field DF search coil that gives the user two different coils simultaneously.

The first and largest is the external coil suitable for the most deep-seated targets,

while the inner and smaller one is more sensitive to the small objects.

As an example, a DF coil measuring 12 inches for outer coil and 6 inches for inner coil can capture very small gold nuggets

Also, the (7-inch -3.5-inch) coil is even better to pick up smaller gold nuggets while not sacrificing depth.

Package Contents

– System box

– Search coils 12 inches & 7 inches

–  Headphones

– Standard AA batteries

– User manual with warranty certificate

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TDI SL metal detector is a special device from White's, it is a unique device for detecting gold and various precious and non-precious metals.

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