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okm fusion
okm fusion

OKM FUSION a new generation in 3D metal detectors and ground scanners, with enhanced technology from OKM-Germany  to discover hidden treasures and artifacts

Search SystemImaging System
Maximum Depth15 m
Warranty2 Years



Full Description

OKM FUSION metal detector is an effective 3D imaging system designed for beginners in the field of 3D measurements.

It provides ease of operation in addition to the features of 3D scanners using reliable and proven German detection technology.

The device has been specially developed as improved version of the Future 2018 device that has proven to be successful.

However, some technical aspects of the sensor or electronic circuits have been enhanced to give greater scanning capability and more accurate results.

OKM Fusion is available in two different versions.

which differ between them with sensor type and the search modes only,

so the two editions offer features that suit the needs of the prospectors.

OKM Fusion 3D metal detector is a perfect device for all treasure hunters

, gold seekers and archaeologists to discover lost treasures.

It is ideal device to  find artifacts buried in the remnants of ancient civilizations .

such as statues, boxes, ancient coins and other historical objects.


OKM Fusion Features

–  Device Applications & Uses

OKM Fusion is a professional device with powerful 3D scanning technology.

therefore it can find and detect most types of buried underground objects,

such as following objects:

  • Buried golden objects , such as gold treasures, golden chests, and ancient coins and so on.
  • Natural gold nuggets and gold veins.
  • Ferrous metals such as iron, steel and so on.
  • Precious metals (non- ferrous)  such as copper, bronze and silver.
  • Voids and cavities like tunnels, chambers, dugouts, bunkers

– 3D Measurement Probe

OKM Fusion is equipped with a single sensor that is developed on the Super Sensor technology.

This probe is used to conduct the scan under certain operating modes depending on the device’s edition or version.

In OKM Fusion Professional edition , the sensor can be used vertically only in different search modes.

In OKM Fusion Professional Plus edition , the sensor can be used vertically or horizontally (with a special sensor holder)

depending on the search mode used to scan the ground.

–  SRIS Search Coil

Fusion includes the SRIS search coil, which can be very useful for locating metal targets within a small range or short distance.

During drilling, the disc acts as a Pin Pointer device that emits an audio signal when a metal object is detected.

The detection of the general location of the buried object is done by the Fusion device.

but when starting to dig it may be very difficult to match the correct points for hidden objects afterwards.

But by detecting the metal by activated SRIS search coil, the user will not miss any metallic object, no matter how small, such as:

  • Wedding ties and engagement rings.
  • Ear rings, pins, bracelets and necklace.
  • Coins, buttons, badges and pins.

– Operating Modes:

The operating modes of Fusion device vary depending on the edition of the device.

in the OKM Fusion Professional edition it includes the following operating modes:

1 – Ground Scan Mode:

The “Ground Scan” operating mode allows a detailed 3D graphical measurement

of any specific area for later analysis on a tablet PC.

2 – Live Sound :

In this mode the device performs an acoustical magnetic field measurement to detect ferrous metals.

in the OKM Fusion Professional Plus edition there is another operating mode :

Live Scan (Multi-Sensor, Ultrasound)

This mode process an instant live image which displayed on tablet pc directly while walking in the scan field.

– 3D Data Analysis via Visualizer 3D software

While scanning an unknown area and recording the measure values,

the Visualizer 3D software can immediately analyze and visualize this information.

to display a color-coded 3d graphic of hidden objects and structures.

Thus the user of device can see all buried treasures, golden objects, archaeological artifacts.

and any other hidden objects before digging.

Additionally you can determine the size, position and depth of your detected items.

So you know where to dig and how deep to dig to find your objects of interest.

read more on this link.



Package Contents

– Main electronic unit

– Carrying tube

– Standard Probe with LED orbit

– Super Sensor with LED orbit

– USB Bluetooth dongle

– 3D software DVD (“Visualizer 3D”)

– Windows Tablet PC

– Wireless headphones (Bluetooth)

– Power Pack incl. charger and travel adapter

– DVD contains instructions video

– User Manual

– Origin Certificate (2 years warranty)


OKM FUSION Professional

Product rating:3.7 out of 5 with 3 ratings
OKM FUSION Professional

OKM Fusion metal & gold detector is new generation of 3D ground scanners that offer a powerful device to find gold treasures and ancient artifacts

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