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Gold Star 3D Scanner is a versatile metal detection device and the first to combines three integrated search system in one compact easy to use device.

CompanyMega Locators
Search SystemLong Range
Maximum Depth30 m
Warranty5 Years



Full Description

Gold Star 3D Scanner is a versatile metal detection device

also the first to combines three integrated search system

in one compact easy to use device.

Gold Star 3D Scanner first search system is Long Range System

that contains preset program for detection of different metals

such as gold, silver and bronze from far distances up to 1200 m.

Gold Star 3D Scanner second search system is 3D Imaging System

so it can be used to scan underground for buried gold treasures

also others metals and display the results on screen of bundled Tablet.

Gold Star 3D Scanner third search system is Magnetometer System

that can detect ferromagnetic metals and cavity structures underground

such as  tunnels and graves.

Because of its technologies and features Gold Star 3D Scanner gold detector

is a perfect choice for any serious gold prospector or treasure hunter.


Gold Star 3D Scanner Features

– Search Systems

Using Gold Star 3D Scanner the user of the device can search

for different targets using one of three included search systems

and can use more than one to obtain more accurate results.

The device includes 3 search systems as follows:

1 – Long-Range System:

With this unique and improved system with Mega Detection technology

the prospectors can detect four types of targets

such as Gold Treasures – Gold Nugget – Silver – Bronze.

Search is from far distance in front range which reach to 1200 m,

also  it can detect targets to extreme depth till 30 meter underground.

The search is done by plugging 3 search antennas in front of main control unit

then selecting Long Range System from the menu on the screen

as a result the control unit rotates in direction of targets.

2 – 3D Imaging System:

The user can use this system by using the included probe (Telescopic Sensor)

then connecting it with main control unit and selecting 3D Imaging System

from systems menu on the screen.

Then the user perform complete scanning of specific search area

by walking from point to point on same line then move to another line

until finishing the scan of the area , and all this data saved and transferred

to companion tablet PC with installed 3D analysis software .

Using a Mega Detection analysis program the user can know

detailed info about targets underground and analyzing it to know all details about it

through precise 3D graphics graphs that represent the scanned data

of underground layers visually for easy determining of the size and depth

and even exact shape of the target before drilling it.

With equipped Tablet PC computer with high-resolution screen

and pre-installed 3d analysis program that work on detection and

identification of targets through the reception of signals from telescopic probe.

the accurate information about the target location and depth

also the size are presented, so the prospector can dig in the right place underground.

3 – Magnetometer System

This system is most useful to detect magnetic metals and cavity

by using the sensor and selecting Magnetometer System from systems menu

then move it over the ground and when it detect a metal or cavity

then it display that on screen as visual indicator.

– Easy Program

The software program of the device is simple and easy to use

with minimum controls; it has a simplified menu system for selecting

the search system and adjusting its settings via the buttons

in control panel in main electronic unit.

Package Contents

– Main Control Unit which made of high-quality materials that are not affected by any climatic conditions.

– Search Antennas:  coated with special metallic paint that help to receive the weakest signals and determine the target area accurately.

– Telescopic Probe (Sensor) works on principle of the reception of targets signals from the underground metal objects and the spaces and converting it to sonic and 3d imaging signals.

– Durable 12 volts Lithium battery for 10 hours of continuous use and operation.

– Windows 10 Tablet PC computer with a installed 3D imaging analysis program (MEGA Detection) that display all scanned data from probe as 3D graphics for easy analysis of target size, depth and shape easily.

– Plastic Holding Base used for holding the tablet computer above the telescopic probe during the search operation for direct view of scanning data directly on the screen of tablet.

– AC charger for charging of main control unit

– Travel adapter

– High-Quality Headphones

– User Manual [in German, English and Arabic languages]

– Training CD including videos about device use (available in Arabic, English and German languages)



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Gold Star 3D Scanner is a versatile metal detection device and the first to combines three integrated search system in one compact easy to use device.

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