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Metal Detectors 2020 includes a brief review of the latest metal detectors that were released in 2020.

Orient Technology Group offers every year new products and devices that keep pace with

the latest developments in the field of metal detection to keep our customers informed

of the latest technology in this field, practical and appropriate devices for all prospectors

and searchers for buried treasures, monuments and burials underground.

In today’s article, we present a glimpse of the most recent metal detectors

that we received in this year 2020, with a small brief overview showing the

features and benefits of each device for the prospector.

Metal Detectors 2020

In 2020, a number of distinctive gold and metal detectors were released

from manufacturers of metal detectors that presented modern designs

with entirely new technical features and some of these devices provided

unprecedented economic prices for different categories of new prospectors and amateurs.

In the following we review the latest metal detectors for 2020:



This special device was released at the beginning of 2020 from the German company Geoground.

COBRA GX 8000 metal detector is a practical, integrated gold detector, metal detector

, treasure hunting and archaeological exploration that meets the needs of all

treasure seekers, professional and junior prospectors around the world.

COBRA GX 8000 gold detector includes for the first time in one metal detector, six search systems

with different detection technologies that provide all tools and functions for professional

and beginners prospectors for various applications and tasks related to treasure hunting

and metal detection activities.

COBRA GX 8000 device is recommended for those who want to enter the field of

metal detection and burial discovery because of its acceptable price compared to its

features and due to the multiplicity of search techniques within the device as well

as ease of use and accuracy of results.


discovery 3D ground scanner

Discovery metal detector – the latest technology in gold detection

a new release in 2020 from Turkish company Groundtech.

It is the new generation of 3D imaging metal detectors and three-dimensional ground-scanners

, which allows the prospector and treasure hunter to know the locations of burials, golden treasures

and underground spaces such as tunnels and caves with the ability to perform a detailed

three-dimensional analysis of the land to be discovered.

Discovery offers a practical, easy-to-use device that displays search results directly

on its screen without the need for a separate computer or tablet as in competing devices,

offering great device for prospectors who need a practical device at good price.

Minelab Vanquish

minelab vanquish


Minelab Vanquish was announced late last year and is available for sale at the beginning of 2020.

Vanquish gold and metal Detector is a premium version of Minelab, the handy and easy to use

device that combines high performance with an unprecedented economic price.

Minelab Vanquish device works according to a new research technology called MULTI-IQ

that was first released on Equinox from the same company, the principle of this technology

is to use five different search frequencies to search simultaneously, which means wider

coverage of various metallic targets of various sizes underground.

The device offers an attractive modern design and many various features such as the ability

to adjust its length to the minimum to facilitate carrying and the ability to charge the batteries

that operate the device and wireless headphones and the feature of the discrimination scale

to know the type of target discovered through a visual digital indicator on the screen.

However Vanquish device is a multi-purpose metal detector and its uses are varied to suit all needs

of prospectors and treasure seekers with a great economic price.


FAQ’s About Gold Detectors & Metal Detectors

Most Important Questions & Answers From Our Clients, We Sharing it with You.

In short, yes, because gold is a metal, and metal detectors can detect any metal, whether ferrous or non-ferrous. There are also devices that contain special features for detecting gold in particular. The short answer: Yes of course, because gold classified is a metal and more specifically a non-ferrous metal or precious metal. Metal detectors can detect any metallic object, whether it is ferrous like iron or steel or non-ferrous metal like gold, silver and copper. There are also devices that contain special features for detecting gold in particular , and these devices called gold detectors.

Metal detectors can be classified according to several classifications, and most popular classification is according to the search system or search technology in the device, and classified into the following types: 1 – Electromagnetic metal detectors 2 – 3D imaging system 3 – Long-Range metal detectors You can review the following article to learn more: Types of Metal Detectors

The 3D imaging metal detectors are the most accurate in their results when searching for metals. These devices give a three-dimensional image representing the structure of the ground scanned by the measurement probe. It is easy to know the depth and position of the target buried accurately through a special application or program installed on a tablet or computer undled usually with these devices.

The maximum depth that a metal or gold detector can detect depends on several factors, including the type of the device’s search system. For example, the maximum depth of electromagnetic devices is about 2-3 meters, while up in the long-range devices to 30 – 40 m and in the 3D imaging metal detectors about 20 – 25 meters. Knowing that the maximum depth of any target depends on burial period of the object, its orientation, its size and dimensions, type of metal, soil type, minerals ratio and several other factors.

The idea of ​​a metal detector was invented by inventor Alexander Graham Bell (inventor of the telephone) in 1881. The first metal detector, in its current form, was designed in 1925 by Gerhard Fischer, the founder of the US company Fisher Labs, which was put up for sale in 1931.

The metal detectors are operated according to one of the two search technologies using a search coil that contains electrical coils. The first technology is called very low frequency or VLF, here two coils are used, one search coil to transmit electromagnetic signals and another to receive signals reflected from the buried target. The second technology is Pulse Induction and uses one coil to send electromagnetic impulses to the ground and then receiving the reflected signal.

Best metal detector for the money is the device that offer great features, ease of use, accurate results and comes at an economical price. We recommend many options including a new 2020 entries: Simplex, Minelab Vanquish Both devices offer a good balance between useful features for metal detection and comes at cheap price also, but there are other devices that offer more powerful features like more depths with a more expensive price but offer best value for money (example: Impact) Find more by reading this article : cheapest metal detectors 

Metal Detectors 2020

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Metal Detectors 2020

Metal Detectors 2020 includes a brief review of the latest metal detectors that were released in 2020 from different manufacturers

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