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Orient Technology Group is the Best Gold Detectors & Metal Detectors Company. A leading international company in the field of selling, manufacturing and trading of gold, mineral and groundwater detectors, as an exclusive agent and distributor approved by Major American and European companies.


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We provide the latest equipment specialized in the detection of precious metals such as gold, silver, copper, bronze and others with various work and research systems


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Authorized distributor and exclusive agent of major German, American and Turkish companies operating in the field of metal detectors.

Most Wanted Gold & Metal Detectors

Mega Scan Pro 2019  the new version of the most powerful gold & metal detector with 3 search systems and 10 programs to find gold, metals, and gold treasures  underground.

Rover C4 a new generation in 3D metal detectors and ground scanners, with enhanced technology from OKM-Germany a leader company in field of 3D imaging metal detectors

Invenio metal detector a new device with un-preceded patented technology that scan ground layers and display real shape and size and depth of detected targets on its screen.

Mega G3 2019 a gold and metal detector from the German company Mega Locators, which includes a summary of its expertise in the detection of gold and precious metals.


Orient Technology Group

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First company in the field of trading and selling gold, mineral and groundwater detectors, an exclusive agent and a distributor approved by major American and European international companies. Where we offer our valued customers

  • Newest and most powerful gold and metal detectors
  • Guarantees include all products
  • Special training for each device and customer support team

Best Gold Detectors & Metal Detectors

latest detect systems gold, minerals, precious stones and groundwater

Newest Imaging Devices in 2018 For Gold & Metal Detection,From Major German Companies. With Powerful 3D Imaging Systems For Most Reliable & Accurate Results ,For All Serious Treasure Hunters , Gold Prospectors  and Archaeologists.

Most Powerful Ore Gold Detection Devices in 2018 , and Best Gold and Metal Detectors With Latest Technologies From Top German and American Companies , To Detect Smallest Gold Nuggets & Find Natural Gold Veins in All World , Best Results With Special Cheap Prices

Largest Collection Of Gold & Metal Detection With Sound System In 2018 , To Detect All Kinds Of Precious and Non-Precious Metals By Using Latest Advanced Technologies From Major Known Companies From Germany , Turkey and United States

Most Powerful Collection in 2018 Of Latest Gold & Metal Detection Devices with Long Range Locator System To Find Gold From Farthest Distances and To Unprecedented Depths Underground..The Best Devices With Most Suitable Prices For Every One .

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