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Gold Star 3D Scanner from German company Mega Detection is a powerful versatile multi-systems metal detector with professional detection tools for prospectors and treasure hunters.

CompanyMega Locators
Search System8 Search Systems
Maximum Depth50 m
Warranty5 Years



Full Description

Gold Star 3D Scanner from German company Mega Detection is a powerful versatile multi-systems metal detector with professional detection tools for prospectors and treasure hunters.

Gold Star 3D Scanner combines multiple search technologies in all-in-one

device including 3D ground scanning, ionic fields detection and long-range metal detection.

Gold Star 3D Scanner incorporate 8 search systems that use a new or enhanced tools

like probes and antennas with full range of adjustable settings and options to give a

prospector all required tools for wide variety of applications like gold prospecting,

treasure hunting and metal detection.

Gold Star 3D Scanner Features

Multi-Purpose Device

Gold Star 3D Scanner via its tools and search systems

can be used for different kinds of metal detection applications

and uses, we list some of them for example:

  • Gold treasures hunting such as: chests with golden coins, ancient gold coins, golden jewellery like: rings – collars.
  • Non-Ferrous metal detection such as silver, bronze, copper and platinum.
  • Ferrous (magnetic) metal detection like: iron, steel, iron alloys
  • Underground cavities detection examples: tunnels, chambers, bunkers and graves.

Powerful Metal Detection Tools

Mega Detection included a completely new detection professional-level tools

in Gold star 3D Scanner metal detector that designed and tested to bring most

accurate and reliable results.

The available tools consist of probes, sensors, antennas and measuring probes

that perform a metal detection process via different technologies:

Multi Ground Scanner (M.G.S.60)

Gold Star 3D Scanner as it clear from its name is primary

ground scanner and it is first device from Mega Detection

to include new innovative ground scanning technology.

The 3D ground scan process conducted by using a new patented

probe called Multi Ground Scanner or in short M.G.S.60.

Multi Ground Scanner design with its large surface area enable

coverage of larger spot of ground in every scan point, and that mean more accurate

results and reduction of time and effort for prospector.

Intelligent Multi Transceiver Unit (I.M.T.U)

Intelligent Multi Transceiver Unit or IMTU for short, is a new powerful unit

installed in front face of system box via a special connector,

IMTU used to send high-frequency electro-magnetic signals (waves)

in search direction that intersect with magnetic fields resulted from

buried metal objects, the reflected signals received back by antennas.

Vertical High Signal Transceiver (V.S.T)

Vertical High Signal Transceiver probe is a unique powerful probe used to

receive magnetic fields signals issued by buried metal targets such as golden chest or statue.

VST has at its end a quadruple cone, on two sides of this cone there are multiple bars

of light emitting diodes (LED), these LEDs give the user a visual feedback via

changing color lights that is related to the type of target.

For example: When a user moves the VST over a golden object the LEDs

will light in red color, and light in blue when VST passes over a tunnel.

8 Search Systems

Gold Star 3D Scanner is the first device in the world that includes 8 search systems

with multiple search technologies, including long-range detection systems,

3D imaging scanning and other technologies.

The eight search systems provide multiple ways to search for different types of metal targets,

ancient and archaeological treasures at different and deep depths.

The appropriate search system can be used for the purpose of the search, and more than

one search system can be used to ensure more reliable and accurate results.

The device includes the following search systems:

1 – Manual Long-Range System / MANUAL LRL /

This search system uses IMTU as well as the antennas for sending and receiving signals

In this system the prospector can adjust required settings manually then start the long-range scan.

Available settings include:

  • Metal

It is a type of target metal, available as a list of search programs for different types of metal such as:

Gold – silver – copper – iron….

  • Distance

It is the front scan range distance and can be set in 0 to 3000 meters range

  • Depth

This value specifies the maximum search depth that will the device scan for targets

to it using current search settings, value can be set in the 0 to 50 meters range.

The search screen shown after that display a compass-shaped indicator that let user

know its direction, in addition to that a semicircular indicator pointing to direction

of movement of the antennas.



2 – Control Long-Range System / CTRL LRL /

Control long-range system main feature is ability to set the search frequency

accurately searching for specific metal type or objects, gold for example.

Also it uses IMTU and antennas for long-range scanning .

The user set number of related settings before performing the scan process:

  • Soil Type

It refers soil type of ground and can be set to one of following types:

rocky soil – moist soil – sandy soil – clay soil

  • Frequency

Search frequency is a number in megahertz unit for metal type

and can be set accurately using arrow buttons on control panel, for example: 5000 MHz

  • Distance

It is the front scan range distance and can be set in 0 to 3000 meters range from pre-defined values.

  • Depth

To limit the search for targets within a specific depth, the value is set here by choosing a value

within the range between 0 to 50 meters.

After settings adjustments, the user can start searching and the device will move to the target

tracking screen with similar indicator of previous system.



3 – Automatic Long-Range System / AUTO LRL /

The IMTU unit, as well as the antennas, are used to search for signals of potential targets within the scanning field.

In AUTO LRL system, the device performs a completely automatic scan in search of potential metal targets within the search distance.

During scan the user can choose to show the results on screen (displayed as tabs):

  • Target type

metal type of the buried target is shown here, for example: gold

  • Distance

It is the estimated distance between target and user location, for example 30 – 50 meters

  • Direction

It is semicircle indicator with a pointer pointing at possible direction that the user should follow to reach the target.

  • Depth

It is an approximate value of the detected target depth, for example 5 meters.

  • Report

This option displays a report that includes a summary of the target’s properties,

including previous values ​​ (distance – depth …)


gold star scanner


4 – Ionic system / IONIC /

It is a completely new detection technology, here IMTU scan surround area for ionic fields

coming from long-buried metal targets.

The user can control some signal settings to reach accurate results:

  • Signal Sensitivity Indicator

It is a circular indicator that displays the signal sensitivity as a percentage value,

for example 60%, and this value can be changed by the user

  • Signal Gain Indicator

It is a circular indicator similar to the previous one that represents the signal strength

according to a value represented as a percentage between 0 – 100% and can also be adjusted.

  • Strength of Signal

It is a bar graph with a gradient bar that varies in terms of length and color according to the strength

of signal, this depends on target distance, the nature of the ground and terrain, and many factors.

  • Depth

It is an icon displayed on the top left of the screen, and by clicking on it, the target depth

measurement screen is shown, which provides a visual depth measurement process for the buried target.

  • Save

By clicking on this icon, the user has option to save search results as a file in device’s memory.



5 – Bionic System / BIONIC /

Bionic system can be used to search for specific metal type signals captured by directing

the IMTU towards a target made of a same metal, for example gold, in this case it will

only receive similar signals and ignore other ionic field signals.

The search screen displays same previous options like in Ionic system:

  • Signal Strength indicator
  • Sensitivity Indicator
  • Gain Indicator
  • Depth Icon
  • Save Icon

it has the same functionality that were explained previously.

6 – Ground Scan System

Ground Scan System is a first system of its kind in terms of used probe

and technology the was incorporated in Multi Ground Scanner (M.G.S).

M.G.S offer powerful high-performance scan tool that perform deep

3D ground scan that can reach deep depths that exceed 20 meters.

The control of scan process and results display can be set using

either device screen and controls or a bundled Android Tablet via installed analysis app.

1 – Device:

Here user can adjust the scan settings on screen such as:

  • Scanning Mode

There are two options: Manual by user or Automatic by device.

  • Scanning Path:

There are two options available:

1 – One-Way: that mean parallel scan lines with specific offset.

2 – Alternate: the next scan line starts at the end of the previous line

  • Lines & Steps :

It is number of rows and columns of scan area.

For example, 4 rows and 5 columns, there will be 20 cells.

  • Starting Point:

It is the start point of scan and there are two options:

1 – Right : start scan from lower right corner of scanning area.

2 – Left: start scan from the left-bottom corner of scan area.

Then results screen displays a rectangle divided into cells according to the number of

columns and rows previously specified, as each cell represents one scanning point.

During scan, each cell is filled with a specific color according to the area that the scanner

passes over, and each color has a specific indication, Example: yellow color for precious metal.

The results screen also contains three rectangular indicators that express the percentage

of the of each type of targets within selected cell:

Red: ferrous metals, Yellow: precious metal (non-magnetic) – Blue: cavity or space.

User can also know a target type is also displayed, and also the target depth value within the specified cell.

2 – Tablet:

In this case the search and scan settings controlled similarly through

the installed analysis app results are displayed on the tablet screen

within the app, and here the scanning data is represented in the

form of a 3D graphics with different colors.

The colors present the structure of the scanned ground and its targets

like metal objects – natural ground – tunnels and each type has a

different color (blue for cavity, yellow for metal…).

The powerful Android analysis app on the tablet gives the user more accurate

way to analyze the detected targets and know detailed information

such as the metal type, depth and location within the scan area.


gold star scanner


7 – Live Stream System

This system measures the changes in magnetic fields via VST unit.

The sensor is moved vertically on the ground and it picks up the signals

of any metal target under the ground, whether it is magnetic metal

such as iron or precious metal such as copper.

The probe contains at its conical end, on either side, a group of colored LED

lights that change their lighting according to the type of target, as it lights up

in red, for example in case of the target that the probe passes over it,

is a precious metal, such as copper or gold.

The signals of the magnetic fields captured on the device screen can be represented

directly in the form of a continuous color flow that changes color depending on

the type of metal that the sensor passes over, where green represents normal soil,

yellow color is metal and red color is gold

The user can also choose to represent the signals on the bundled

tablet through the installed app.

8 – Pinpointer System

This system is used to perform direct scan via VST, as it measures the changes

in the magnetic field in a region and displays on the device screen a curve

that is in the case of receiving metal signals consisting of rectangles facing upwards

with different lengths gradient from green to red in the middle at the maximum

values ​​and then gradient green with lower values ​​on both sides of the graph.

In the case of cavity signals – such as a tunnel or a basement – the curve consists of

rectangles facing downward with similar color meaning.

On the screen of the device, it is possible to control some values ​​that affect the scanning

process, such as the value of sensitivity and ground balance, and the scan result can also be saved.


gold star scanner


Integrated Feedback System

Gold Star 3D Scanner provides the user with the best integrated system

to display the results collected by different search tools and probes.

This feedback system provides complete information for the prospector

about the nature of buried targets and all their details, it includes following details:

Colored LCD Screen

Gold Star 3D Scanner system box has a large high-definition colored liquid crystal display (LCD)

screen that gives a better view when adjusting the various settings and when it display scan results for example.

Android Tablet

The device comes bundled with an Android tablet with a pre-installed 3D analysis app

to visually present the scan result in the imaging systems as 3D graphics.

The analysis app offer the prospector many tools and controls to analyze the scan data

and get  all the information about the detected targets such as its depth , location and metal type

through the tools it provides with an easy and simple interface that enables the prospector

to analyze the graphics to obtain detailed information about all the targets within the scan area.

Light Feedback

VST sensor, which is used in the PINPOINTER and LIVE STREAM search systems,

contains LED lights that illuminate in a variable color according to the type of the target

near the sensor (iron or metal, precious metal or space) and this provides the prospector

with an idea about ​​the type of target.

Audio Feedback

Most of the search systems available in the device provide an audio output

through audio tones via built-in speaker, the audio tones direct the user

and give him an idea about ​​the progress of the search process.

Example: In a live stream system, the device emits sounds related to the type

of target metal, and the sound intensity varies according to the

proximity and distance from the target.

Powerful Multi-Language Software Program

Gold Star 3D Scanner software program with its sleek smooth design,

consistent color theme, expressive icons and controls, offer the user a

best use experience with ease of use plus powerful options to adjust different settings.

It also provides a visual presentation of search results for all the eight search systems

, their various options via graphics, curves and different indicators with sound also.

It is available in 12 different languages, the most spoken one in the world

(English – French – Spanish – Arabic – Chinese…)


Product rating:5 out of 5 with 1 ratings

Gold Star 3D Scanner is a versatile metal detection device and the first to combines three integrated search system in one compact easy to use device.

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