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Garrett AT MAX is a powerful and versatile metal detector from Garrett that offer the top performance and more depth.

Search SystemVLF
Maximum Depth2 m
Warranty2 Years



Full Description

Garrett AT MAX is a powerful and versatile metal detector

from Garrett that offer the top performance and more depth.

Garrett AT MAX works using VLF technology with improved features

and enhanced performance for gold detection and other purposes.

The device is a recommended device for any professional treasure hunter

and gold prospector also in all ground conditions and terrain


Garrett AT MAX Features

Great Depth

The device includes enhanced transmit power that mean

more ground penetration to more depths.

thanks to enhanced circuits and coils that push the power

to its maximum limit for better detection at maximum detection depth.

4 Search Modes

Garrett AT MAX includes four search modes for different ground conditions.

Here are the built-in search modes:

1- True All-Metal

provides the greatest possible detection depth but max sensitivity.

2 – Custom search mode

It is customizable mode for manual adjustments , so it fit the needs of prospectors.

3 – Coins search mode

It is the mode optimized for coin shooting that made of gold or silver …

4 – Zero Discrimination mode

It is a mode with zero metal discrimination.

Iron Audio

This feature is important, it alert the user of iron in form of an audio tone

for iron objects, thus the user hear the tone and avoid digging in unwanted places.

This feature works also in True All-Metal mode for best performance.

Z-Lynk Wireless Technology

This technology enables the prospector to use a wireless headphone

to hear a signal coming from metal targets underground.

So here the audio signal transmits to the included wireless headphones

using automatic wireless connection with high quality audio

Ground Balance

The device includes configurable ground balance adjustments

to suit the ground conditions and different terrain.

Ground balance settings Includes 175 points allowing the AT Max to handle

both conductive soils (such as saltwater beaches) and highly mineralized ground.

In addition, there is automatic ground balance smooths detector

audio and allows the user to hear faint targets.

Optimized Frequency

The AT Max’s 13.6 kHz operating frequency provides excellent detection

on a wide range of targets—including silver coins, gold jewelry, and brass relics also.

But the device contains adjustable frequency controls for small frequency shifts to eliminate interference.

Waterproof Design

The device is fully submersible to 10-foot (3 meter) depth.

Its weatherproof design also protects against dusty and humid environments.

Note: For underwater use, optional wired headphones must be used

as included wireless headphone is not waterproof.

Large LCD Screen

The large LCD display screen make it is easy for user to read

the Target ID numbers, metal discrimination numbers and other value.

Other great features of the display are its back light that illuminates LCD screen

for improved visibility in low-light situations.

Other Features

  • All Terrain Versatility
  • Digital Target ID—0 to 99 scale.
  • Adjustable audio threshold
  • Battery Condition Indicator
  • Notch Discrimination
  • Coin Depth Indicator

Package Contents

System Box
Waterproof DD Search Coil.

Charging Adapter

Shafts and hardware ( nuts – screws)
User Manual & Warranty Certificate

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Garrett AT MAX

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Garrett AT MAX

Garrett AT MAX versatile metal detector - made in United States by Garrett . it offer a great metal detector for all terrain at best price

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