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OKM Evolution NTX is a new enhanced and improved version of Evolution metal detector that achieved a great success among the prospectors and treasure hunters.

Search System3D Imaging + VLF
Maximum Depth10 m
Warranty2 Years



Full Description

OKM Evolution NTX is a new enhanced and improved version of Evolution metal detector

that achieved a great success among the prospectors and treasure hunters.

Evolution NTX comes with modern design and new features such as new

high-resolution touch screen and enhanced coil and sensor performance.

Evolution NTX considered a multi-purpose and versatile metal detector with powerful

built in 3D ground scanner for all applications, plus it comes at great price for its features.


Evolution NTX Features

Device Uses

Evolution NTX 3D ground scanner can be used by treasure hunters, gold seekers, metal detectorists

and archaeologists who are looking for buried objects, hidden artifacts or other lost items such as:

  • Ancient buried treasures from ancient civilizations such as treasure chests.
  • Lost golden or metallic objects such as jewelries including rings.
  • All types of ferrous metals including iron and magnetic metals.
  • Hidden underground cavities and anomalies such as tunnels.


Telescopic Probe & Search Coil

Evolution NTX used as multi-function device either as traditional metal detector or as 3D ground scanner also.

For 3D ground scanning it uses a powerful telescopic probe (sensor) for conducting the scan.

However, it uses a special designed search coil when it used as metal detector.

Operating Modes

Evolution NTX is the first device to combines typical VLF metal detector functionality with 3D ground scanning capabilities.

So, the device includes two operating modes that reflect the function and use of device in either two cases.

3D Scan Mode


This operating mode used to perform a detailed 3D ground scanning for defined rectangular area using the measurement sensor (probe).

The user can adjust scan parameters  such as  scan line and pulses directly on touch screen as in following image :


The scan data is saved to the memory inside the main unit , so the user can transfer it to any computer.

with installed Visualizer 3D software , the data analysis software which used to display a 3D graphical representation

of scan data that present the real structure of the ground and its buried objects in this scan area.

By using Visualizer 3D program, the user can determine size and depth of potential treasures and findings before digging.

Live Sound Mode


Live sound mode used by installing the search coil, thus the device act as VLF metal detector

to find all buried ferrous and non-ferrous metal objects such as rings, coins, relic at small depths

So, In this mode the device makes a sound (acoustical output) upon detecting of any metallic objects,

beside that the device displays a graphical indication of received signals on its screen also.


Touch Screen

Evolution NTX includes a high-resolution colored display screen with touch support, so the user can use it

directly to adjust different settings of the device like choosing the operating mode or just to display many indicators depending on operating mode.

Evolution NTX Package Contents

  • Control unit
  • Charger for control unit
  • Wireless headphones (Bluetooth)
  • Windows Tablet PC
  • Travel adapter
  • USB bluetooth dongle
  • User’s manual
  • Waterproof and shock resistant Peli case
  • 3D software ( “Visualizer 3D” )

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Evolution NTX

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Evolution NTX

Evolution NTX metal detector a first device to combine the functionality of VLF metal detector and 3D ground scanner in same time

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